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Podcast Services

Where can The Bedroom fit into your production?

Tier #1

- Editing of podcast front to back (2hr max)

- Professional Vocal comping

- Intro / Outro music (Made in house)

- Uploading to distributor of your choice


You’re responsible for your own vocal capturing and recording, file uploading and promotionals but we do the rest!

Tier #2

- Tier 1 +

- Logo Designs

- Promotional video clip for each released episode

Tier #2 is the most commonly used Tier, it includes all the essentials for your podcast including editing and promotionals.

Tier #3

-Tier 1 + 2

-2 promotion videos per episode

-Full Length podcast video editing

Tier #3 is only required if you plan on having full length video with all of your released episodes

In house recording and use of studio equipment is available for all tiers

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